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Tickete Zone 1


Tickete Zone 2


Monthly Pass PART


Monthly Pass PART

4_18, Sub23


Monthly Pass PART

4_18 Esc. A, Sub23 ACES


Multi-travel Cards (10 Trips)


Multi-travel Cards (10 Trips)



Rates valid from 1st March 2020.

Will be charged a security deposit (€5.00) to all users of transport tickets using a card (magnetic card). The value included in the voucher issued in the first receipt of the card which shall be maintained in good condition.

More information about monthly Passes 4_18 and Sub23

Pass 4_18 – (Documents) (for more information click here)

Sub23-pass - (Documents(for more information click here)

The tariff of the monthly pass PART (€ 22.00) has a discount on the monthly pass value of the TUVR, under the Program of Support to Tariff Reduction in Public Transport of the municipality of Vila Real.
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